Who We Are

Checkpoint One and its owners have been
in the loan business in Utah for over 37
years.  Checkpoint One offers both
Signature Loans as well as auto title
loans.  Checkpoint One has been ranked
by The Deseret News as having one of the
lowest rates in the entire state of Utah for
postdated check and payday loans. On
average, we can offer you a loan for 217
percentage points less than our

Checkpoint One
-Signature Loans and Car Title Loans-
Making loans in Utah since 1974
What makes us better than our competition:

- Lower rates:
Based on a Deseret News statewide survey of postdated check and payday lenders, the average annual
interest rate charged in Utah is 521% APR. Checkpoint One can make you a loan for as little as 304.17%.
This is a huge savings to you (an average of 217 percentage points).

- Easy qualifications:
Checkpoint One offers one of the easiest set of requirements in the industry to make a signature loan.  In
most cases, if you can provide us with a current pay stub, a current bank statement for an active checking
account and positive ID, we can make you a loan.

- We loan more:
Checkpoint One will loan up to $500 the first time you make a loan (if you're qualified). If qualified, we will
loan up to $1000 after you have established an active account with us.

- More than one loan at a time:
Checkpoint One will allow you to have more than one loan out at a time. We have no limit how many loans
you can make at one time. Our only limit on how much you can borrow will be based on the dollar amount
your account is set up for.  You can always borrow up to the maximum your account is set at.

- Qualified at one office, qualified at all:
Checkpoint One has 3 offices located all across Utah.  Tooele, Roosevelt and Richfield.  If you have an
account set up at any one of our offices, you can make a loan or pay on a loan at any one of our locations.

- Longer loans:
Checkpoint One offers loans up to 30 days and loans may be extended if needed.

-Grace periods:
Checkpoint One offers grace periods on almost all of our loans. If you need a few extra days on your loan,
we can usually accommodate that with a simple request from you.

-Courtesy calls:
Checkpoint One offers courtesy calls on all Signature loans. If you'd like us to call you when your loan
comes due, we can do that with a simple request from you upon making your loan.

-All loans are pro-rated:
All loans made at Checkpoint One are pro-rated at the same rate the contract is made at.  Even if you only
use 2 days on your 30 day contract, you will only be charged for 2 days, nothing more.

-No hidden fees:
There are no hidden fees when making a loan with Checkpoint One. We do not charge a loan set up fee or
have penalties for early pay offs. When you pay your loan off, you only pay for the days you use, at the rate
your contract is made at, nothing more, guaranteed.

-No credit checks:
Checkpoint One does not do a credit check when making a signature or title loan.

-Pay downs on loans:
Checkpoint One will allow you to pay down on a loan at any point of the loan and by any amount you wish.
The only thing you are required to do before paying the loan down is to pay any interest that is owed first.

-Making loans for over 42 years:
Checkpoint One has been making loans in Utah for over 42 years and can be trusted with your personal
Checkpoint One- Corporate
324 N Main
Tooele, UT 84074
ph: 435-882-5560
alt: 435-833-9376
Customer Notice:
Signature loans and Car Title loans are
designed to be used for short-term financial
needs only, not as a long-term financial
solution.  Customers with credit difficulties
should seek credit counseling.
Our Business

Checkpoint One offers fast and
friendly service and has 8 convenient
locations throughout Utah to serve
you. Give us a call at any of our
locations and see how we can help
you. And please, call and compare our
rates with our competition, you'll be
glad you did.